Child of the Dawn is a Single Player campaign for S2 Games' MOBA Strife. As a designer on the project, I was responsible for the concept, design, prototyping, and implementation of a lot of the episode's content. My primary contributions to this work include the following:

  • Drive concept and design of gameplay elements that fit a specific format for pacing, length, and overall fun.
  • Designed and scripted the majority of Player's usable skills.
  • Designed and scripted multiple enemy types and abilities, including AI and the implementation of their assets as they were finished by other devs.
  • Designed and built layouts of initial dungeon, sewer, wine cellar, and great hall and worked with the artists to ensure gameplay and environment worked together as they were iterated upon.
  • Map Curator: Served as the central point for integration and upkeep of multiple contributions to the map and made sure that things were running smoothly.

All scripting for this level was done using S2's proprietary engine scripting language. As a new adventure for S2, the design team was constantly looking for creative solutions to implement a feature that was not yet found in engine by manipulating this high level language, instead of constantly looking for new features from the programming team.