I've spent thousands of hours using Unity and for over a year now I have worked as a professional Unity Developer. Below are some of the things that I prototyped in Unity during my spare time. All prototype assets and scripts have been created by myself.

I've gained solid understanding of:

  • Rapid Prototyping and Iteration
  • Developing multi-platform apps and installations using Unity
  • Object Oriented Programming using C#
  • Asset implementation and Optimization

Real Time Data Visualization


  • Pulls data from TMDb web API to display top 20 popular movies
  • Create textures out of the movie posters
  • Layout textures in 3D space in a carousel fashion around the camera
  • Clicking on the screen will display the centermost movies description text
  • Uses Unity Web Requests and Newtonsoft JSON to pull data from API
  • Caches images to memory and to disk
  • Displays a loading indicator while the data and images are being fetched
  • Implements logic and UI for handling errors when trying to download and parse the data
  • Allows the user to filter the list/display of popular movies by genre
  • MVP architecture


You can download the whole Unity project (2019.4.18f1) here to browse the code, but the API Key has been removed so it will not work (~42 MB).

Just the .cs files can be downloaded here

Mobile Idle RPG

Current Features

  • Idle RPG systems that include Player and Enemy progression, weapon based attack system, health, experience, abilities, and gold.
  • Core data (health/gold/damage/XP per level for each character) loaded from .csv files manipulated in Excel
  • Scaling UI that fits multiple resolutions and aspect ratios.
  • Dynamically populated Shop using Scriptable Objects
  • Unity Ads Integration (Mobile Only). Watch an advertisement to gain soft currency based on your level.

Mobile 2D Puzzle Game

Current Features

  • Life/Energy System (To play one level, it takes one life) with a countdown timer that refills lives.
  • Swipe in a cardinal direction to move
  • Scaling UI that fits multiple resolutions and aspect ratios.
  • Unity Ads Integration (Mobile Only). Watch an advertisement to unlock levels.

Coop Action RPG

Current Features

  • Action RPG Mechanics (Attacking, jumping, movementm health/mana/XP, Player Inventory, Ability System, Basic Enemy AI
  • Multiplayer Camera System keeps both Players on screen by centering on an average point between them.
  • XBox controller support