Unreal Editor Levels

The first engine I dove into was UE3. I made several multiplayer levels from the game Unreal Tournament 3 just for fun. I love the level creation process and UE3 is great for iteration and testing. My level design process, not just for multiplayer shooters, usually goes something like this:

  • What kind of experience do I want the Player to have? What does the story dictate, and how does it fit into the overall pacing?
  • Here are a ton of awesome ideas. Can the engine support this, and do we have the time to implement them?
  • Rapid prototyping and iteration. Let's find the fun and get rid of anything we don't like.
  • OK this is fun and meets our design philosophy. Let's polish it up and make sure that the artists and programmers understand what they can and can't change.
  • Test test test. Get it into the hands of a consumer and see how they play.
  • More iteration!
  • Polish. A lot of polish.