Mobile Games

I've worked on many mobile projects in my career. Not all of them have made it to the app store, but below are a few that did. During my work in mobile, I've done the following:

  • Designed scheduling and retention mechanics for future releases of Cars: Fast as Lightning, which was downloaded over 50 million times
  • Designed core gameplay mechanics and IAP for games that were not downloaded millions of times (and learned valuable lessons)
  • Worked on numerous scrapped prototypes and ideas.

I've walked away with solid understanding of:

  • Core Game Loops and mechanics
  • Retention and Social Mechanics
  • Monetization Strategies

Cars: Fast as Lightning

  • App Store Link

  • Cars: Fast as Lightning is a mobile/casual game for multiple mobile platforms. My current contributions included:

    • Design and document game evolution mechanics for a live mobile game
    • Follow up and work with multiple team members to implement new features and content for a live game
    • Design and build race tracks for live events using proprietary software

    Jumper Quest

  • App Store Link

  • Jumper Quest is a single screen, one touch platformer where the Player must make it from start to finish while avoiding obstacles.

    • Designed core gameplay with a large variety of movement mechanics
    • Created 100 levels in proprietary level editor

    Rocket Fly

  • App Store Link

  • Rocket Fly is a arcade game for iOS where the Player must move ever upwards by collecting coins and gas cans to delay running out of fuel. The Player collects powerups and avoids obstacles along the way, and can buy a variety of cosmetic upgrades for their rocket.

    • Designed and documented core gameplay mechanics
    • Worked with overseas programmers to implement and refine game mechanics

    Gemstone Drop

  • App Store Link

  • Gemstone Drop is an arcade game where various gems fall from the top of the screen. By tapping a gem that matches the type shown at the top of the screen, the Player clears all gems of that type that are touching each other and gains points. Various powerups increase points and slow down time.

    • Designed gameplay mechanics and systems